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All work is 100% guaranteed accurate to ANSI standards.

Scratch warranties for Anti Reflective coating are included with Crizal and house  coatings. Warranty covers product defects, lifting, scratching, peeling or crazing incurred under normal use for the life of the prescription in the original frame or the "life of the lens" but not to exceed 2 years. During this time we will remake the lenses one time complete and you will receive credit for the original.  All add ons, including edging, tinting, etc, will be billed as usual.  The replacement must be an exact duplicate of the original order. Scratches, gouges or pits, due to abuse, are beyond normal wear and tear and are not covered.  In order to receive credit, you must return the original lenses along with a copy of the redo and original invoice within 60 days of the redo invoice.  See above policy for progressive warranty.  All Crizal warranties,  on a  progressive lens  will be credited in full less any extras and edging charges.  Credits due to workmanship must be returned within 30 days to receive credit.

Non Adapt RX Change Coverage

Coverage is available, at an additional cost, for  progressive lens non-adaptation or Rx change for a period of 90 days. We will issue a one time credit for the cost of the lenses and Anti-Reflective coating.  Lenses must be returned within 10 days of the replacement order along with the original invoice.  Fitting a progressive below the minimum seg height will void the non-adapt coverage.

The size of the lens blank is at our discretion unless otherwise specified in special instructions.  Bevel placement is a 1/3 to 2/3 bevel unless otherwise specified in order to hide the front bevel.   For all high wrap frames you must specify base curve.

 For accurate thickness and cutout control we must have the A, B, ED and DBL measurements.  There are no guarantees for thickness control on plus lenses unless a tracing is included with your order. We  will determine blank size unless otherwise specified. 


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